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Privacy Policy






Your internet use is never really private. 

If you live with a batterer,


follow a computer safety routine.


The Social Change Resource Center site will not share information about individual visitors with any third party, except

             — when we receive a copyright request as described below. 

             — our board chooses to share information about a visitor to comply with the law or

                  a legal procedure or to protect someone’s safety.

             — A visitor violates the terms, conditions, or spirit of this website.


Information We Gather



We gather two types of information from visitors to the Social Change Resource Center website.


Personal Information. 

             We ask for information when visitors submit materials, resources, or a link to this website.  We ask for your name, mailing address, phone, email address, copyright ownership, and contact information for the owner of the copyright.


How We Use this Information:

Information supplied when you submit materials may be used to verify the copyright, permission to use those materials, or communicate about the submission itself.

If we receive a request for permission to use materials, we will forward that request to the author or copyright holder listed on the Contribution Form.  We will first use e-mail contacts, but if that information has expired, we may use any other information listed on that form.


             If you are looking for permission to use someone else’s work, please correspond directly with the author.  Communication about permission to use materials should be directly between those requesting permission and the author or copyright holder.


Computer Information.


             We subscribe to a computer program that creates reports about how the website is being used.  The program gathers the IP address, how visitors search the website, HTTP request method, data bytes, status codes, and user agent information.  We do not track individuals or use cookies.


How We Use this Information:

             Traffic reports help us analyze what pages are being used, what topics are of

interest, and how readers move through the web pages.  This helps us improve the






Every time you use your computer, it keeps a record of all your visits to web sites. 

If you live with a batterer, or a batterer can ever use your computer,

follow a computer safety routine.




Controlling your personal information on this website.


On this website you may choose to control your personal information in the following ways.


Whenever you are asked to submit personal information on the website,

let us know of any safety concerns you have and how you want to be contacted.  


You may change your mind about us holding your personal information at any time. 

Just email us at


If you believe that any information we are holding is incorrect or incomplete, let us

know so we can correct it.



Your internet use is Never really private. 

If you live with a batterer,

please do not submit personal information to this website.



Other Privacy Issues


Links to other websites

             Our website contains links to other websites.  We have no control over another website’s privacy policy, terms, or conditions.  We are not responsible for information located on other websites or personal information that other websites gather.



             We will never knowingly request personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without requesting parental consent.



Your Consent


By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information as described.  If we  change this Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we might disclose it.

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