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Inter-generational Mentoring for Social Change

Ending violence against women is an inter-generational project!

      As the founding mothers of the current Movement prepare to retire, new generations bring fresh energy to this work.  One generation has a lifetime of experience and awareness of the challenges we face.  Another generation brings new ideas and the confidence to organize in a hi-tech, global world.

      As anti-violence activists, we all face the challenge of ending violence as it expands and recycles through new generations of women.  Mentoring often implies a one-way street.  We believe that it will take all of our skills, experience, and wisdom to change a world so committed to violence.

      We offer this as a space where generations can exchange practical information that builds the leadership skills to sustain the movement!

Mentoring a New Generation

Educational Tools/Handouts         

Favorite readings

Preparing new leadership


Generation Change

Internships, fellowships, leadership development for a new generation of social change activists.  Sponsored by the Center for Community Change.


Are you Mentoring for Social Justice?

             Paul Kivel offers practical advice to those over 40 as they consider entering a mentorship role.

Mentoring the Seasoned Activist



             Letters from Young Activists: Today’s Rebels Speak Out

Includes letters to the previous generation and to the movement. Dan Berger and Chesa Boudin,



Educational Tools/Handouts

Favorite readings


Handouts/Education Models




             Conversations with Women on Leadership and Social Transformation

Conversations with leaders from around the world on coalition building and leadership. 

Srilatha Batliwala and Aruna Rao for VAWnet, 2002


Skill Building Tools


                NP2020 Mentoring and the language of intergenerational dialogue

Blogs discussing how to open dialogue between generations.  From Upside Down Bananas: Social change thinking peeled apart from another angle.  Conversation from the philanthropic sector.


             Co-Mentorship: Working for Equality Across Age 

                          Suzanne Pharr’s thoughts on intergenerational mentoring.  2008

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Introduction to Social Change

Reflections on Social Change

  Cultural Supports

  Oppression & Privilege

  Questions of Research


Strategies for Action

  Activist Writings



Domestic Violence


  Power & Control Tools