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How to Contribute Materials

We would love to add materials you would be willing to share with other social change activists!


We are always interested in how activists are thinking about violence against women.  We welcome materials on any of the topics on this web site — or you can propose new social change topics.  We are looking for materials that are

             positive in tone,

             raise thoughtful challenges,

             present respectful critiques, and/or

             offer clear opportunities for action.


Please read the description of social change carefullyWe do not accept materials about institutional reform or systems change.  That includes materials on


Coordinated community response

Criminal justice/law enforcement

Legislation or Public Policy

Mental Health, Case Work, Medical, or Welfare systems (except as they relate to

             definitions of battering or understanding of oppression and privilege)

Prevention as defined by CDC

Professionalized crisis intervention or transitional housing services/agencies


We do not accept materials that attack the efforts of others or seek to disrupt the exchange this website intends to offer.


If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us at:


To send us material.

Step 1.   Make sure the author’s name is clearly visible.

               It is helpful if materials are typed.  If that’s a problem, let us know.

               1 inch margins all around and at least 12 pt type are easiest to read.



Step 2.  We encourage the public to contact you for permission to use your materials.  Please

               place a note on your materials letting the reader know if the work is copyrighted and

   if you have  any limits for public use or distribution.   You can find our policy for public

   use at Permission to Use Materials.

     - If you have specific requirements for the public use of your work, please state them

        clearly on your piece. 

     - If you are concerned for your safety, do not give out any information that

        places you in danger.  Please let us know if you have a problem and we will try to

        find alternatives. 

      - If you’re unfamiliar with copyrights, check out the “Copyright Basics” on the

        U.S. Copyright Office website. 



Step 3.  Send submissions in Word or a PDF file to

  If you need to use a different format, or want to send a hard copy, please feel free to

  contact us.



Step 4.  Submit the Contribution Form along with your submission.



What happens then?

We will add your work to the Resource Center as soon as possible.  Timing will

depend on our workload.  Of course we absolutely reserve the right to accept or

reject any submission.  The list administrator will let you know if there is a problem.

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Beware.  Your internet use is never really private.  If you live with a batterer, please do not submit personal information to this website.