How to Get Permission to Use Materials

†††††††††††† Academics call it plagiarism, in the law itís a copyright violation, but to feminists itís about ethics.† We believe that the words of every woman belong to her and she has the right to make choices about how to share them.

†††††††††††† Whether or not you see a copyright symbol, whenever you take materials from this website Ö.

Always keep the title, authors name, date, publisher and/or link on each and every copy.† Even if you re-type a piece, this basic information should always be displayed on the work.† To remove an authors name is to deny their experience and disrespect their work.

Donít change any part of a work that is not yours without the authorís permission.† If you can not locate the author, Always acknowledge when you have made changes.

Never sell the materials you find on this website, or include them in works that are for sale, without the authors consent.

If in doubt -- the materials on this website are not your words and do not represent your work.† Any permission we received to place the materials on this website does not extend to you.

If you want to download or copy materials from the Social Change Resource Center.

†††††††††††† We do not own the articles or readings on this website and can not give you permission to download or copy them.† If you want to use any of these materials, you must ask the author for permission.

†††††††††††† This work is for social change activists.† Authors agreed to add material or link to this website because they are dedicated to ending violence against women.† If you want to distribute materials to plan an action or for domestic violence training , class, or program manuals, we anticipate the authors would be generous Ė but you must get their permission!

What about web pages, bibliographies, and reading lists?

†††††††††††† Please do not use any parts of these web pages, the Social Change Resource Center design, compilations, bibliographies, or other materials without our permission.

Whatís Legal?

†††††††††††† For those who donít subscribe to a feminist ethic, you can find copyright laws at the U.S. Copyright Office.

†††††††††††† None of the works are uploaded onto this website with the intent of placing them in the public domain.† Any materials here are intended to be copyrighted by the author.† Copyright extends, but is not limited to, each and every text, article, handout, graphic, bibliography, compilation, picture, paper, e-mail, or quote.

If you recognize your own work.

†††††††††††† Some materials on this site have been floating through the Womenís Movement for 20 to 30 years.† Often, citation information or names have been removed and we are not able to locate the author.† If you see your work on this site, please let us know and we will immediately make any necessary changes.

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